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And it arrives….the birthday.

I’m oddly just kinda “blah” about the whole thing. Looking forward to good food and presents, but overall I never was big on the whole celebration thing. We’ll see how it goes.

Other random Counting Crows lyric, from an unreleased song that’s one of my favorites:

Dust me off and shut me down / And dream of where I haven’t been
Close the door inside my heart / Stuck in the south Atlantic wind
I have hollow eyes / Haunting only to myself
Even so, I can’t stop carving / These great big hollows in my self
I took the train from California / To the far side of the continent
Woke up in Kentucky / Where a wedding was about to end
I looked up at Anna / She turned back to look at me
It’s best to kill the ones that matter / Render blind the ones who see

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