Shirky FTW!

Clay Shirkey with a brilliant, well-reasoned reply to Gorman, for the win! He even makes the same analogy I did regarding translations of the Bible. 🙂 If Gorman were looking at Web 2.0 and wondering how print culture could aspire to that level of accessibility, he would be doing something to bridge the gap he … Continue reading Shirky FTW!

Suber and Library Journal

So I’m finally back and mostly recovered from my amazing trip to Vegas (much, much more on that over the week…I’m still trying to comprehend the meal we had at the Commander’s Palace that Betsy blogged about). Imagine my surprise when I return and find that Peter Suber had blogged about my Master’s Thesis, and … Continue reading Suber and Library Journal

Responding to comment…

…from the ever-insightful Eli over at Mad Librarian. She left a thoughtful comment on my post about Gormangate, and I wanted to get some thoughts out in response. Eli in blockquotes: Digitization can democratize information, it does allow for greater, broader and for the end user, cheaper access to information [my cynical side says that … Continue reading Responding to comment…

Summary of attention

Total unique hits on blog since posting master’s paper = 880 980 1100 1300 1500+ Places paper has been mentioned: BoingBoing LIS News Open Access News Confessions of a Mad Librarian NonProfit Online News This is all in addition to the feedback I’ve gotten from the UK, Canada, and various schools here in the … Continue reading Summary of attention