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Twitters from 2007-07-30

  • Back to work, big ILS upgrade day. Pray for me. #
  • Just discovered that @infosciphi and I are from the same area of KY. Small world. #
  • @cindi: I’m from Carter County, far eastern KY, half-hour from the WV border on I-64. #
  • Who else on Simplify? Add me: griffey Is there a list somewhere of Library Simplify names? 🙂 #
  • oracle problem, ils upgrade delayed but moving forward #

Twitters from 2007-07-25

  • Last day of work for the week: Beach, here I come! #
  • @msauers: the HP7 PDF was up days before the actual release of the book. #
  • My simplify media username, unsurprisingly: griffey #
  • Holy crap! Google Maps just added a drag and drop feature to change routes…try a directions search, and then drag the route around…neat! #
  • I’m outta here: Vacation, here I come. Expect not so many twitters twixt now and Monday, gang. #

Twitters from 2007-07-22

  • HP7 all day, with a party and dinner between chapters. ~400 pages in…will finish tonight. #
  • HP7 finished at midnight last night…that’s less than 7 hours for the book. Will listen to audio book this week…. #
  • So twits: when does the “no HP spoilers!” thing go away? I want to ask people questions!! #
  • @tinfoilraccoon: can’t seem to find the room…URL? #
  • Harry Potter will NOT be a New York Times bestseller: #

Twitters from 2007-07-20