Completely FUCKED UP video….

Evidently, there is a new underground sport brewing in the cities around the world….Le Parkour. Started by a guy named David Belle…more or less, it looks like the art of being as close to Spiderman as possible. There’s an official website, which has a video page. I recommend checking out the USA Parkour video for an example of the sorts of things that they do. Imagine….rock climbing, combined with martial arts, with a side of urban exploration. Very odd, but completely cool to watch. Ignore the French rap music in the background.

5 thoughts on “Completely FUCKED UP video….

  1. Parkour is for french rap what basketball is for american rap.
    So dont disrespect and watch you mouth Jaaason! You punk!

  2. The french rap music in the background is so cool and I think you are funcking stupid you lame asshole !

  3. Hey , i listen this french rap and I need to know whats name of this song its realllyy cool, can somebody tell me that pleaseeee!!!????

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