Moving towards LibraryBox 2.0

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Some exciting stuff has been going on over the last few days that point the way towards a possible next-release of Librarybox. Thanks to some code written by Eduardo Robles over at RGVLibroBox and work by Matthias Strubel, we’ve got a proof-of-concept in place for a LibraryBox release written for Piratebox .5.1. This is a… Read more »

OpenWRT messes with Piratebox install

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Evidently sometime in the last couple of days, the OpenWRT team did some website reorg which moved some files that PirateBox needs in order to install…which means if you are attempting to follow the v.1.5 LibraryBox install that rides on top of PirateBox, it’s broken.’ Thankfully, Matthias Strubel with the PirateBox project has already ID’d… Read more »

LibraryBox on the WR703N

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  After considerable testing, I believe I can finally say that LibraryBox v1.5 is officially stable on the TP-Link WR703N. The WR703N is the little brother to the MR3020, and is available for as little as $21.79 on Amazon, with free shipping. More importantly for the growth of the LibraryBox Project, the WR703N is available… Read more »

Making Things

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It has been far too long since I posted here, but it’s been a very busy month. I’ve been busy working on an update of LibraryBox, making it fast, more stable, and most importantly, far easier to install. The code for LibraryBox v1.5 is on Github, and the installation instructions are forthcoming. One of the… Read more »