The code that makes up LibraryBox is available on Github. Download it, fork it, push changes to it, or just grab it to make your own LibraryBox.

LibraryBox Container

I designed two different 3D printable containers for LibraryBox builds for the MR3020. You can download, print it out, or order one from one of the many online service providers for 3D printing. Or, you can fork the container itself on TinkerCad and see if you can improve the design.


LibraryBox Press Info

There are a variety of LibraryBox Logos that you can choose from, as well as press photos of the product. You can grab just the logo, or check out the Logos page to get a full variety of graphics to choose from, including the raw Photoshop files with layers that you can use and usage guidelines.

Get Your Very Own LibraryBox!

Build your own LibraryBox!  

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