Make Magazine

I was asked to, and wrote, an article to Make Magazine on building your own LibraryBox. Make is an awesome group, really working to move the Maker/Creation space forward. The article appears in Make Magazine Volume 37.


Code & Creativity

Presentation that I gave for the first Code & Creativity gathering, put on by the great folks at Easy Designs. It's all about the Kickstarter process and how it came together for LibraryBox v2.0.



Great interview with Garret Crowe at WUTC about LibraryBox, the Kickstarter campaign, and future plans. Garrett asked good questions, including some privacy and library-specific stuff that I didn't expect.


Noobie & Tech Talk

Interview with Patric Welch aka Mr. Noobie, who does a regular Tech Talk show on 95.9 FM in Indianapolis. He's been profiling successful Kickstarter projects for awhile now, and wanted to talk to me about LibraryBox. Short and to the point, but fun.


Circulating Ideas

Once again, I spoke with Steve Thomas at Circulating Ideas about LibraryBox, this time concentrating on v2.0 and the Kickstarter. This interview was done at the ALA Annual 2013 Conference, 2 days after the Kickstarter launched. I was still reeling from the success of it, and you can hear it in my voice.



An incredibly kind mention from Cory Doctorow on BoingBoing, where Cory says: "Jason Griffey, the librarian who created it, is Kickstarting a version 2.0 that is much easier to set up and run. A $150 contribution gets you a fully assembled unit. Jason was kind enough to give me a box this weekend with all my books on it, to bring with me to talks and such."



A webinar that I gave for the fine folks over at Infopeople. It's almost an hour long, but it goes into the history of the project, uses, and a lot more. Some good questions and answers at the end as well.



LibraryBox got a mention on the July 2013 Metafilter podcast! Matt Haughey and Jessamyn West talked about it, with Matt (founder of Metafilter) saying "I just want to mention my favorite project of the month from a Metafilter user on Kickstarter, if and when they come up, is this one." The embed above is just the portion about LibraryBox, or click the title to get the whole podcast.


Digital Shift

Good article by Matt Enis for the Digital Shift, the Library Journal and School Library Journal tech site. "Two of Griffey’s primary goals for the 2.0 version of the project are simplifying the install process as much as possible, and exploring how LibraryBoxen might work with new hardware, such as solar panels for semi-permanent outdoor installations. Funding raised by Kickstarter pledges will be used for test hardware and hiring a developer to simplify the install process and enhance the interface, making it easier for users to navigate, and easier for owners to make minor customizations."


Bibliotech 20:
The Amazing LibraryBox

I had the opportunity to be on this great podcast, and Kayhan, Erin, and Doug were terrifically kind to me and the LibraryBox project. You can listen in here, or click the More Info below to head over the Dquarium site for more info.


NCompass Live

I sat in with the hosts of the Nebraska State Library Commission technology webcast (NCompass) to talk LibraryBox. Michael and Christa were willing to give my crazy webcam antics a try, and I don't think it turned out too bad. Check the video, or head over to the NCompass page for more episodes.


Library Journal

A nice article on the project by Matt Enis, entitled Open-Source LibraryBox Project Branches Out. From the article: “I do definitely think that the underlying ethos of a library is every book its reader,” Griffey said. “The underlying ethos is that you find a way to get the information to people who need the information… If this project can help to do that in these areas, ease the difficulty in some way, I will work on it as long as I possibly can.”


Circulating Ideas 19

I was thrilled to be on Steve Thomas' great podcast interview series, Circulating Ideas in late 2012. We talked about lots of library technology issues, both real and science fiction, but the major source of our discussion was LibraryBox, how I came up with the idea, what the project is, and why I'm interested in keeping it going.


This Week in Libraries

I was fortunate to be the guest for Episode 91 of This Week in Libraries, the awesome videocast show by Erik Boekesteijn and Jaap van de Geer. In the episode, we talk about many things, but one of them is, of course, LibraryBox.

Build Your Own LibraryBox

If you can bake a cake, you can build a LibraryBox. Follow the steps!

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