Logo Usage

The below are the formal LibraryBox logos, free to use and change under the same Create Commons license as the rest of the site. You can download the Photoshop files for the logo, complete with separated layers and such. There are two layers for every bit of text, one rendered and one as a text layer. The fonts used are: Birch Std for the "Box" text, Days for the "Library" text, and Geared Slab for the standard font.

In regular text usage, the intercap should always be used; LibraryBox, not librarybox or Librarybox. The plural for LibraryBox is LibraryBoxen, as in "There are many LibraryBoxen in use around the world."

Build Your Own LibraryBox

If you can bake a cake, you can build a LibraryBox. Follow the steps!

Build Your Own!

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