Upgrading your existing LibraryBox

Upgrading your LibraryBox should be a fast and painless exercise. Follow the steps below to upgrade your existing LibraryBox to the v2.0 release.

  1. Power off the router
  2. Unplug the USB Drive from the router, and plug it into your computer
  3. Download the firmware for your device, most likely for the MR3020 but there are a few brave souls who attempted builds on the MR3040, so that's included just for them:
  4. Copy the file onto your USB Drive
  5. Login to the router, and run the commands below, inserting the name of the firmware file where appropriate:
        cd /mnt/usb
        mtd -r write YOUR_FIRMWARE_NAME_HERE firmware
  6. Once the firmware flash finishes, power down the LibraryBox and put the USB back into your computer.
  7. Download the LibraryBox v2.0 Install folder (as zip file) (MD5 Hash: 59423526AE160107E60265C212904E1E) and unzip it.
  8. Delete the existing install folder on the USB drive, and copy the newly-unzipped install folder and all its contents onto the root of the USB drive.
  9. Put the USB back into the router, and power it back up. The install process should now kick off, and in about 10 minutes and a lot of flashing lights, you will have a LibraryBox v2.0 ready to go.

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