LibraryBox v2.1:
Portable Private
Digital Distribution

LibraryBox is an open source, portable digital file distribution tool based on inexpensive hardware that enables delivery of educational, healthcare, and other vital information to individuals off the grid.

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The LibraryBox Project

LibraryBox is a fork of PirateBox for the TP-Link MR 3020, customized for educational, library, and other needs. LibraryBox was conceived and created by Jason Griffey.

Why LibraryBox?

LibraryBox is a digital distribution tool for education, libraries, healthcare, and emergency response. Anywhere there is a lack of open internet access, LibraryBox can bridge the gap of information delivery.

About v2.1

Funded by a Knight Foundation Prototype Grant, the v2.1 of LibraryBox makes it better in nearly every way. Take a look at the improvements and learn more about the v2.1.

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