Development, Integration, and the Hard Work of Launching

Development, Integration, and the Hard Work of Launching

We’re rounding the bend on the last bits of development on Measure the Future before we do Alpha installs. Lots of details to get to, and tons of work yet to do…but the goal is in sight and the things we’re solving for are mostly known. We’re still aiming hard at launching at the ALA Annual Conference in June, and barring unforeseen problems we’re gonna hit that date.

One of the things we’re currently working on is the install of the software for the Scouts and the Mothership onto the respective hardware. Andromeda Yelton wrote a post about her side of that world (the Mothership) and how important it is to Measure the Future to make the installs as easy as we possibly can. From her post:

Well! I now have an alpha version of the Measure the Future mothership. And I want it to be available to the community, and installable by people who aren’t too scared of a command line, but aren’t necessarily developers. So I’m going to measure the present, too: how long does it take me to install a mothership from scratch — in my case, on its deployment hardware, an Intel Edison?

tl;dr 87 minutes.

Is this good enough? No.

For those of you that haven’t seen it, here’s the video (no audio, unfortunately) that we played at the booth at ALA Midwinter a couple of months ago that has demo footage of the Computer Vision that’s going on under the hood.

We’re very excited about getting this project into your hands, and we’re working hard to make it as easy as we can. Keep watching for more info!


Excited to hear that its getting close. Been wanting to utilize this setup since hearing you talk about it during the NEKLS Innovation Day.