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Bluegrass Zombie Action

Evidently, every year in Lexington, there is a group that gets together on Halloween and re-creates Michael Jackson’s video Thriller.


Who knows.

Thriller in Lexington

All I know is that zombies + Lexington is teh hawt.

Note the movie theatre marquee in the picture…that’s the Kentucky Theatre, where I spent many a teenage evening watching films of all sorts, from the Blade Runner director’s cut to Fritz the Cat. Makes me miss the bluegrass.


madison zombies

Madison is the next city to face the shambling undead hordes.

At 2pm on Saturday, October 22, zombie fans will assemble in full costume to kick off Zombie Lurch 2005. Join us! We’ll meet on the Capitol steps (Carroll/Mifflin side), shamble down State Street with stops for tasty brains and beverages, and end at the Union Terrace for even more beverages.

To add a particularly Madisonian touch, it’s not just a Zombie Walk but a Zombie Protest. Fight for zombie rights by bringing a protest sign, sandwich board, or customized t-shirt. With slogans like Let Zombies Walk!, The undead are people too! Open your heart and mind to zombies, or even an eloquent ARGH, we’ll raise public consciousness for the plight of our cannibalistic brothers and sisters. What do we want? BRAINS! When do we want it? BRAINS!

I’ve got a couple of friends in the area (hey Chris and Heidi!)…you guys should totally take pics of this, or join in.

EDIT: Speaking of pics: page 1, page 2, page 3.

Zombie flashmobs

Zombie Flashmob

These completely and utter fascinate me. So far there have been two three: the first in San Francisco, one in Austin, Texas that invaded an American Idol tryout, and now another in Vancouver. Basically, an online and SMS organized mob that dress as zombies and invade normal spaces, shuffling and moaning and generally weirding out the norms. This makes my general zombie fandom go apeshit. I sooooooo wanna dress up like a zombie and invade a mall with a group of other zombies.

Then again, if I saw a group of zombies shambling down the street at me, the one in front would be lucky if I didn’t put a cricket bat upside his head.

"Zombies, man…they creep me out."

Land of the Dead Logo

I desperately hope this doesn’t suck. It’s got a lot going for it: Romero (obviously), Leguizamo is good, Dennis Hopper, and Asia Argento (daughter of Dario Argento, the king of Italian Horror). I wasn’t happy with the Truck From Hell shot in the trailer, but the living dead look good, and we all know where the social commentary will go with this one, so…here’s keeping my fingers crossed!

Land Of the Dead Zombie Land Of the Dead Zombie