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I’ve been trying to find ways to enliven PatRec for awhile now, as I don’t post as much as I used to, and some of my energy/content has drifted off to other shores (Audioboo, TechSource, etc). I think I finally found a solution that I can use: FeedWordpress.

It’s a plugin that pulls RSS, and throws it into my timeline here on the blog. While I’m not going to be feeding in everything (no Twitter or Friendfeed) I do want my audioboo feed, and my Tumblr feed, to repost here. I’ll probably set up a Posterous as well to feed in, and then, no matter what kind of access I have, I can get things posted easily and quickly. We’ll see how this goes.

Master Feed for CiL2009

So I’ve tried to throw together a “master feed” for cil2009, which includes Twitter searches for both the #cil2009 and #cil009 hashtags, a flickr search for the tag cil2009, a Google Blog search for the same tag, and a Slideshare RSS for both the Computers in Libraries 2009 group and the overall tag. This should be a pretty good summary of the happenings, but if anyone notices something I forgot, leave it in the comments and I’ll add it to the Pipe.

The Pipe should be publicly available here, and this should be the RSS feed URL. My suggestion is to go to the Pipe page to find what you want, though, cause there’s a ton of ways you can get the info: as PHP, or even results by email or phone.

The below is an example of the embed for the Pipe. Hope this is useful for someone!

Future of Higher Education

This is by far the best summary of the future of education that I’ve seen. I agree with nearly everything said here, and both as an academic and as a librarian, we need to listen and act quickly if we hope to have any relevance in 20 years.

LITA at Midwinter

I realized that not everyone who is attending Midwinter might be aware of the _awesome_ calendar of LITA events that is available via BIGWIG. So here it is, freely shared and embeddable and such.

Click on the day in question, and you’ll get a list of ALL the LITA events. Subscribe via RSS, or link up via iCal, it’s all there. And if it’s not, send me your gmail address and I’ll add you to the editors and you can add the thing you’re interested in. 🙂