Daily Archives: April 17, 2007

Podcasting with a Purpose

Rachael Clemens, Cal State Fullerton

Focused on NURS 505, a nursing class with 40% of the students as distance ed

Modules developed:
What is peer review
and 10 others that I couldnt’ get because she swapped the slide too fast. 🙁

Created PPT? Huh? *shudder*

Tools used: audacity, quicktime pro, sound recorder, digital recorder, Camtasia,digital camcorder, mediasite

Dog and Pony Show: Aka Blogs and Wikis with Michelle and Meredith

An overview of their Five Weeks program (that, btw, was phenomenally good and wonderful and made of win and awesome)

Meredith showing examples of blogs used in class situations, as a CMS instead of WebCT or Blackboard.

“The best way blogs can be used is in reflective learning” – Meredith

They set their presentation up on a wiki! Cool! Visit it here….http://michellemeredith.pbwiki.com

Language learning is the killer app for blogging and education.

Blogs v. Wiki: FIGHT!
Timeline vs no timeline
Ownership of posts v. collaborative knowledge

After Mer goes through the goodness of blogs/wikis, Michelle takes over to talk specifically about 5 weeks.

Great examples of the participants in 5 weeks struggling with the new technology, and working out their thoughts inside the system on their blogs. Great reflective learning.

Michelle says “Fabulous!” a lot

The peer learning was the most valuable part of the program to the users, but the content is now there, and available for anyone to re-use.