Daily Archives: April 3, 2007

Firefox/OSX/Flash problem

Just a question for the intertubes: is anyone else having problems with Firefox and Flash on OSX? I’m having this REALLY weird issue where flash content (Youtube, blog badges, etc) doesn’t display except when it is near the top/bottom of the Firefox window. Yes, you read that right…if the content overlaps the bottom/top edge, it displays. Get off the edge, and it doesn’t display (the content just goes invisible, it doesn’t un-render or anything, just goes away/becomes invisible).


Wrestlemania 23


I am so outing myself right now.

Hi…my name is Jason, and I watch professional wrestling.

Not only do I watch pro wrestling, but I have for years. I even do some work for a company that makes the WWE Collectible Card Game. I realize this ups my geek-score into the stratusphere, but I can no longer commit this lie of omission to you, my readers.

So, I spent this last weekend helping to run the 6th World Championship of Raw Deal, and then went to Wrestlemania 23 on Sunday, April 1. Had a phenomenal time, got to see a ton of friends I only see once or twice a year, but am now so far behind I can barely see the horizon.

If there’s radio silence the rest of the week, that’s why. In the meantime, enjoy this wonderful youtube video.