Monthly Archives: September 2006


The newest Web 2.0 tool in my expanding arsenal of webilicious goodness: CrazyEgg. With registration and a simple addition of a bit o’ code you get:

  • Individual click counts for every link on a page
  • A summary of a click data
  • And my personal favorite: an overlayed heat map

Pictures as soon as I get them. I’m using it for two sites, currently, and need to figure out where the code goes inside WordPress…not as easy to find the right place in the PHP. But I’ll get it working soon.

Missing my green note

…but rockin’ on the blue note.


I’m going to miss my lime green iTunes icon…but the new blue makes up for it:

New iPods! New iTunes! Movies! The new iPod shuffle is seriously the size of a quarter…it’s amazingly tiny. And we’ve got a space jump up to 80Gig, which is double the storage of my 3rd gen iPod.

And the biggest thing isn’t even out yet…iTV, the much-rumored set-top box from Apple that will stream wireless video signals to your television.


Lots of questions, like: what codecs will the iTV support? Can I play my divx videos across it? Will it support 5-channel sound wirelessly?

Quick update

So what am I up to these days, besides being too busy to blog as much as I’d like:

Preparing classes

  • New workshop on Google Scholar
  • A kick-ass new student-centered class on Plagiarism that uses music and sampling as a metaphor for academic writing
  • Faculty workshop on plagiarism

Writing stuff

  • Finishing a presentation for LITA Forum on wikis
  • Working on a book proposal
  • Finding travel grants

To make up my regrettable silence to all my valued readers, I leave you with a too-cute-for-words picture of Summer Glau (River Tam from Firefly and Serenity) from DragonCon: