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Natalie Portman throws down on SNL

Is SNL getting funny again? Cause this is awesome with a side of fries. Potentially NSFW, depending on how uptight your workplace is. 🙂

Interesting…the above now gives a “removed due to copyright infringement” notice. Is NBC crazy? Seriously? Let me get this straight: they (NBC/SNL) get money, from advertisers, to broadcast SNL. These advertisers pay SNL/NBC a given amount for airtime to shill thier products, and this airtime is charged for depending on how many people watch SNL. More people watch when they think it’s funny….and this is FREE ADVERTISING FOR THE FUNNY.

Truly, deeply insane. Plus, it’s already up under another name:

More on Religious? Litigious?

Parody is protected

Just a quick follow up…if you’re following this story, here’s the happenings over the last 24 hours:

  • Get thee over to and Digg the story to help get the word out.
  • I get a mention over at Writing Right, and there’s a little discussion going on in her comments.
  • Fantastic writeup of the case over at The Angry Fag.
  • Yet another post in support of Justin over at Smart Kitty.
  • And of course, comments and such both here and at Justinsomnia.

Religious? Litigious?

Parody is Protected

My good buddy Justin gets served with a Cease and Desist because of the parody billboard he created in photoshop.

Parody is protected

Anyone else want to mirror the image in protest? Or perhaps download a blank photoshop file (right click and save as) and make your own?

As Justin noted, I got my wires crossed on the directionality of my particular parody. Corrected version now in place. Sorry about my initial image, ACLU! I had the best intentions…directing people towards you as a relief mechanism, not a cause.

David Beckham Chia Head

David Beckham Chia HeadOk….sometimes, I just can’t help myself. I see something for sale, and it’s just weird enough that I must own it. This happened last weekend, when Betsy and I took a trip to the Unclaimed Baggage Center. This is the place where all the stuff that the airlines lose goes to die be sold. My favorite part about this process was seeing the sorts of things people lose/airlines lose/people leave behind on planes. Things like…oh…wheelchairs. What happens when they lose your wheelchair? They had an anatomical model of the lower arm. They had random sporting equipment. They had used underwear. There is seriously anything you can imagine, and a few things you can’t. This is one of them.

Yes, this appears to be a David Beckham Chia Head. I’ll say that one more time for those of you in the back: A David. Beckham. Chia. Head.

While I’m not a huge soccer fan, even I know who he is. Why it is that someone, somewhere felt it necessary to make a model of his head with which to grow vegetation is another question.

Well, I had to own this. Not only that, but I decided that I had to photograph the evidence, and try to actually grow said vegetation. I’ll document this, and post updates and analysis here on my blog. Stay tuned for the ongoing saga of the David Beckham Chia!

Welcome to the Lyceum

A new blog product launched today with less fanfare than I’d imagine: Lyceum, from, a multi-user WordPress fork. It is designed to allow for one installation which supports multiple individual blogs, something that WordPress users have been looking for for a LONG time.

I’m planning on trying it out locally, and seeing if it is suitable for a university installation. I can’t imagine that it is anything short of brilliant, coming from Ibiblio. You can test an installation at their demo site, and see what the backend looks like. It’s pretty much WordPress, for those that use it, with a few administrator tools thrown in.

For those of us at an academic institution, this might be the answer to our blogging prayers…single install, multiple instantiations, all built on the most versitile blogging platform out today.

EDIT: Also seen on BoingBoing! Go Paul!