Daily Archives: February 24, 2005

The path to learning starts…

…when you realize you know nothing.


I’m actively working as a “web specialist” for whatever that title is worth. But when I read about things like ajax web development, or PHP image functions, or even just browse through Justin’s blog and see what some people are doing with web design (this site is unreal…transparency, animated background, variable graphics on posts, and all with XHTML and Javascript…no Flash or other plugin necessary. All that is necessary is a standards compliant browser [sorry IE]). I could no more write this stuff than juggle elephants. I feel like I understand it, and I can champion it, even find novel ways to use it and instruct people about it…but I feel like I should learn how to DO it. Any tips on teaching a logical but otherwise underqualified web guy how to learn ajax, or even javascript in general?