A gustatory tour of Salt Lake City

Or rather, the world. I’ve made it a point to avoid any semblance of American food while I’m in the big city. Thus far I’ve had:

  • Curry from a fast food Indian/Pakastani place, with spinach and potatoes
  • Plunderschnecke, a German pastry from an absolutely AMAZING German bakery. Plunderschnecke is a flaky pastry dough rolled with a vanilla custard, brushed with honey and nuts streusel. I nearly wept with joy when I had this.
  • Brazilian Barbeque for lunch, where I was able to have everything from beef and pork to chicken hearts and alligator sausage
  • Dinner at a Chilean Deli, where I had a pork sandwich with tomatoes and avocadoes, and an amazing caramel tort

My plan today is to have lunch at a Thai place called Lemongrass, and dinner at my hotel where I will finally be stuck with American food from Bambara. Of course, it has been voted the best restaurant in Salt Lake City, so I think that will be ok. 🙂

  • Lunch at Lemongrass was incredible. I stuck with Pad Thai, partially because I like comparing the differences between how different restaurants flavor it. This one was nearly perfect…sweet/savory/spicy, with shrimp and chicken and egg blending with the noodles. The best part of the meal, though, was the Thai custard I had for dessert…small chilled custards on hot sticky rice made with coconut milk. The custard by itself wasn’t particularly sweet, but with the rice it was perfect. An excellent combination of hot and cold, with the smooth texture of the custard and the slightly chunky texture of the rice. I’m in food heaven.