Daily Archives: January 20, 2004

Sudden Realization

After looking over these last two posts, I’ve realized that perhaps using my blog as a tool for getting a job…..probably not gonna happen.


Eh…if they can’t take a joke, do I really wanna work there? And if I’m gonna have to censor myself online…I’m not sure it’s worth any job.

What do you guys think?

State of the Union Address

Wow. All I can say…wow. When did we completely forget that whole “Church/State” thing, George? As if his stance on same-sex marriage wasn’t Paleolithic in nature, his attempt to get “faith based initiatives” is just insane.

I cannot express how frightening it is to me to have a President that panders to religion to the degree that W has. Then again, I’m an atheistic zealot, so of course I’d feel that way.

But I can’t wait until we outgrow this whole “religious” thing in our thinking as humans.