Costume tips…

Everyone seems to be feeling the crunch on the Halloween costume front. Here’s a rule that may help out:

Every costume is better with an adjective, don’t settle for a noun.

Example: why be a nurse, when you could be a ZOMBIE nurse? Why be a doctor if you could be a Hillbilly doctor? Some examples of appropriate words:


Further examples?

4 thoughts on “Costume tips…

  1. I know I’ve been singlemindedly Germanic lately, but I think it would be fun one year to be Odin as Santa Claus. Grizzled, real-looking fake grey beard under really cheezy fake white beard. Eyepatch, spear thinly disguised as something else. Eight-legged reindeer.

  2. I was happy to see via Abe’s blog that he was considering being an XML document. Now that’s the SILS way.

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