New Homepage!

Ok gang…it’s group review time.

I overhauled my homepage for the upcoming job search. What do the masses think?

(as well, the more observant among you may notice that my blog link goes to a slightly different address than the old That is because I’m slowly weaning myself off of Radio Userland, and starting to use WordPress. Please feel free to update links accordingly.)

8 thoughts on “New Homepage!

  1. looks very nice, but you need a real HTML version of your resume. ms word dump is ugly and technically weak compared to the rest of the site.

  2. You should pull down the white space so that your entire “contact me” stuff is included.
    Also, it should be “Betsy and me” not “Betsy and I”

  3. i almost think you should have the ‘credits’ section not inside your box. maybe just in the order background under the box. i liked how the box fit the screen. now it’s long. just my two cents. cause i want you to get it perfect. so i can steal it. 🙂

  4. oops – just realized that i said ‘order’ instead of ‘orange’ and also that i completely contradicted what jane said. sorry!

  5. no worries. what i wrote, actually, was that two items under “contact me” were in the line and under the box…i wasn’t writing about the ibiblio, etc stuff. besides, contradict away–my feelings don’t get hurt by other people’s opinions about web pages.

    ps: i like the lighter orange background now. it’s easier to read.

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