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Round-up of Links About SCOTUS Decision to Censor Library Internet Access.

Not too much new to report about the SCOTUS censorship decision yet, but here are more links from around the web. Some librarians are reporting calls from companies selling filtering software already. Oy.

Look twice at that Yahoo News headline – it refers to the Court approving “anti-porn” filters in libraries. What they fail to mention is that there's a heck of a lot more content than just porn that is also being blocked.

I want to make sure that I note that this ruling currently applies only to those libraries that accept federal e-rate money for technology and telecommunications. Unfortunately, with the funding situation facing most libraries today, many don't have a choice. And as Andrew Mutch implied in his message, it's a good bet that Congress will try to apply this logic to ALL federal funding now, which means pretty much every library everywhere.

It will be interesting to see if this applies to wireless internet within a library, too. What a major step backwards that would be.

[The Shifted Librarian]

For those that might have m

For those that might have missed it, big defeat in library land today. Have I mentioned that I'm really not happy with the political leanings of our government right now? I think this is a poor reading of the first amendment, as well as detrimental to libraries public trust. Hopefully something like SquidGuard or something much like it will become the defacto standard for library filtering, since it's free (as in beer and speech) and it allows you to control the filtering in a plain text file. No hidden commercial filters would be great, and since the CIPA isn't specific on WHAT libraries should filter in order to continue to recieve federal funding, perhaps they could just install something like squidguard, block…oh…goatse.cx (the perennial joke on Slashdot), and then leave access to the rest of the web alone. Would that satisfy CIPA?

US Supreme Court Upholds CIPA [Slashdot]