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GWAR covers Pet Shop Boys · A.V. Undercover · The A.V. Club
GWAR covers Pet Shop Boys + tribute to dead friends I want to cry this is so amazing.
20 hours Belo Horizonte, Brazil 
Calling All Makers: Announcing the First-Ever White House 3D-Printed Ornament Challenge | The White House
It's ON. MT @AmericaMakes @WhiteHouse 3D-printed ornament challenge #NationOfMakers #TechnologyAndStuff
10 hours Pittsburgh, PA 
Georgia Tech Library: Engineered for YOU - YouTube
By now, you've probably heard the Georgia Tech Library is changing. Here's how! [WATCH]
1 day Atlanta 
Martin Klein on Twitter: "Got a 3D printed skull, thx a mio @griffey #dlfforum"
Got a 3D printed skull, thx a mio @griffey #dlfforum
2 days Venice, CA, USA 
Morgan Jones-King on Twitter: "@griffey has my love of open source anything increasing at Doge levels."
@griffey has my love of open source anything increasing at Doge levels.
2 days Columbia, SC  

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Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo Crashes During Flight Test - NBC News
SHIT! #SpaceShipTwo
1 hour Fairfax, VA 
Ghomeshi: The Developing Story, And Predator Theory Observations |
"Any person charged with an offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty" #teamharpy or ???
10 hours Toronto 
Joe Murphy's statement on the lawsuit and accusations made against him by #teamharpy
17 hours Portland, OR 
PirateBox-Dev/openwrt-dev-environment · GitHub
@naudinsylvain @griffey @CyrZbib @fourmeux If you can write Makefiles, you can try to add LibraryBox here ;) [in reply to]
22 hours Germany, Wiesbaden 
do you know about jian | nothing in winnipeg
"the “pattern of behaviour” existed long before their allegations did." #teamharpy or ???
1 day Toronto 

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@ThatAndromeda @griffey @djfiander OK guys guess it's settled
1 year Chicago, IL, USA 
Student: I'd like to make this tablet holder / Maria: bloop bleep bleep whirrr whirrr ... and voilà #utc #3dprinting
2 years Chattanooga, TN, USA 
2 years Darien, CT, USA 
RT @5foxtales: #embroidery #circuit #board #blue #chip #electronics #linen #cotton #needlework #sew #thread
2 years Perth WA, Australia 
RT @unglueit: bento box lunch, by Tomo's Bento Art. Really!
2 years Somerville, MA, USA