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Makerspaces in Libraries: Legal Considerations free webinar going on right now -
2 days Madison, WI 
So You Think You Want to Run a Hackathon? Think Again. — Medium
Having a rethink on the utility of hackathons. (I actually think @elle_mccann doesn't go far enough here.)
2 days Londinium 
Billy Joel to Receive Gerswhin Prize | News Releases - Library of Congress
Billy Joel to Receive Gerswhin Prize: Librarian of Congress James H. Billington today announced that Billy Joe...
2 days Washington, DC 
PLA at 2015 ALA Annual Conference Program Proposal | Public Library Association (PLA)
Have a public library idea you want everyone to know? Submit a PLA @ ALA Annual proposal!
3 days Chicago, IL 
Education Is Not Like Eating at the Olive Garden | Just Visiting @insidehighered
Excellent essay by @biblioracle on mass production of higher education and why it fails us all.

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Why is this project not using established extension mechanisms in OpenWrt? · Issue #168 · EFForg/OpenWireless · GitHub
Don't complain only about other projects. Try to help: #OpenWireless #EFF recieves some #PirateBox knowledge ;)
14 hours Germany, Wiesbaden 
Paraclimbing World Championships! by Bonnie Denis - GoFundMe
Friend-of-friends (leg amputee) earned spot on US paraclimbing team, needs $ to get to world championships:
18 hours Somerville, MA 
3-D Printers for Libraries, new report from @griffey coming soon
19 hours Chicago, IL 
Nicole Pagowsky: Hiring and retaining diverse talent by supporting risk
Diversity and academic library hiring
19 hours California 

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@ThatAndromeda @griffey @djfiander OK guys guess it's settled
1 year Chicago, IL, USA 
Student: I'd like to make this tablet holder / Maria: bloop bleep bleep whirrr whirrr ... and voilà #utc #3dprinting
1 year Chattanooga, TN, USA 
I have to share this. One part of our new office! So excited (and bummed I'm not there on move in day).
1 year Brooklyn, NY, USA 
1 year Darien, CT, USA 
RT @5foxtales: #embroidery #circuit #board #blue #chip #electronics #linen #cotton #needlework #sew #thread
2 years Perth WA, Australia