Along with announcements about Lion (the next incarnation of OSX) and iOS 5, Apple will announce details of their upcoming cloud services offering on June 6th during the WWDC Keynote. Speculation is rampant about what iCloud means, but almost assured is some form of cloud music service to compete with the recent Google and Amazon products. Other possibilities include a more robust syncing service (a la dropbox), network-based wireless syncing of your iOS devices, and a potential new API service for app developers to use for data synchronization between Apple devices.  We’ll see what Apple has up it’s sleeves in less than a week!

Apple to announce iCloud June 6th

NPG, CSU partner for $49 dynamic digital textbooks

This fall, students at California State University will be at least make a step up to fast food. CSU has announced a three-year deal with Nature Publishing Group for low-cost, interactive, web-based textbooks with access options for disabled students. The first to be offered is an introductory biology text, fittingly titled Principles of Biology. Students on the L.A., Northridge, and Chico campuses will each have varying payment and licensing models, but 49 bucks gets anyone a full edition starting September 1st.

The Entourage Edge (even I can’t bring myself to use their suggested inTerCaps) is dead, with the service being discontinued 2 days ago. The official announcement begins:
The enTourage eDGe store has closed as of 05/21/2011. We appreciate all of our customers and want you to enjoy your enTourage eDGe for the foreseeable future.
The dual-screened tablet-like device always seemed like a doomed project to me, but it’s sad to see choice go out of the market.

enTourage eDGe™ is Dead