I love my new pumpkin!

I love my new pumpkin!

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Had an amazing time at Grandaddy’s Farm in Estill Springs, TN with our friends Heidi, David, and their daughter Ally (also 2). There was a hayride, a huge box of corn for Eliza to dig around in, a hay maze, a giant tire hill with a slide, animals to feed, and a pumpkin patch to explore. She chose a gorgeous pumpkin to bring home and can’t wait to carve it.

There is no doubt fall is my favorite time of year, and she has heard me say it enough that she says it, too. We are enjoying the crisp breezes and can’t wait to see the leaves turn beautiful colors.


Summer 2010


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Eliza has had the most awesome summer. It started with a return trip to Rosemary Beach, where she was about as happy as I’ve ever seen her. She fell in love with swimming there. We made lots of trips to the Swimplex in Winchester, TN and the Sewanee pool this summer!

We also did Lake Winnie amusement park three times, the Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga a few times, and lots of trips to parks and playgrounds in the area. Coolidge Park (in the photo) was another highlight, especially with cousin Parker and Nana!

It’s hard to believe summer is over, but we are ready for fall adventures.


Damn logical toddler

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Scene – Eliza using the potty, dad is showing her his iPhone for entertainment.

Eliza: “I want to hold your phone!”

Dad: “Well, you can’t while you’re on the potty. There is water, and you might drop it.”

Eliza “But if I keep my legs together and am careful it can’t go in the water, Dad.”

Dad: “Seriously? How do you do that? You’re two!”


First airplane ride

Stop the photos mom!

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Eliza took her first major trip, all the way to Cleveland to see our wonderful friend Titi (Chrysty). It was a big adventure, and she handled it all with characteristic maturity and grace. I forget she is only 2 sometimes. None of it frightened her, and her ears didn’t even hurt. She was perfectly peaceful the whole time, looking out the window and reading books. I think she is a born traveler. She had a bit of trouble sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings, mostly because she has totally outgrown the pack n’ play to the point where it is now uncomfortable. Otherwise, the trip was a wonderful success, and we had a lot of fun.

Her favorite activity on the trip? Build-a-Bear, where she made a pink bear that she calls Dot Dot, complete with a Sleeping Beauty dress and crown. Ah, my girly girl. How did a child of MINE become such a princess?


Inside Eliza’s Head

Here’s a glimpse inside the way Eliza’s mind works: We were walking back to the car today from a quick visit to the pool and some swimming. She was carrying her bucket, which is covered in pictures of Disney princesses. Suddenly, she stops in the parking lot, and stares at the shadows of the two of us on the asphalt.

“What’s up, Eliza?”

“Daddy…there are no princesses in the shadow. But there are princesses on the bucket!”

“Yep, that’s pretty weird, Eliza. That’s just how shadows work.”

“Hmmm. Okay.”

Seemed safer than trying to explain the properties of light to her.


21st Century Toddler

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21st Century Toddler, originally uploaded by griffey.

That’s my girl…sitting in a 120 year old house, on a 50+ year old Brass Bed, watching a movie on her iPod Touch.


Hanging with cousin Kelsi

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Hanging with cousin Kelsi, originally uploaded by griffey.

Eliza is enjoying having her cousin Kelsi around for a few weeks. Not sure if the same could be said of Kelsi, but she’s being pretty patient with Eliza…as patient as an almost-13-year-old could be.


Eliza's 2 and a half

she’s freaking adorable

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So Eliza is officially at the half-way point of her 3rd year of life. I haven’t done a “profile” in a while, so I thought it would be interesting.

Favorite foods: cheese (some things never change), pizza, strawberries, cherries, peanut butter

Favorite books: huge collection of Dora stories (thanks, Bridgette!), Knuffle Bunny and Knuffle Bunny Too, Angelina Ballerina, Lady Bug Girl, Lady Bug Girl at the Beach. Do you see a pattern? Anything with a human or human-like female character.

Favorite media: any and all Disney movies that have a female protagonist, especially the old animated Alice in Wonderland; Mickey Mouse Clubhouse; Winnie the Pooh movie

Favorite toys: she’s not a toy kind of kid. Prefers her “lovies” (stuffed animals), books, and movies. Very occasionally plays with her tea set, play food and kitchen, and Melissa and Doug magnetic dress-up dolls

Hobbies: playing games on her dad’s iPad (no joke), playing dress-up (loves to be Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty), looking at her High Five magazines (thanks, Titi!), splashing in her kiddie pool, telling stories, role playing (“you be robin and i’ll be batman!”), singing and dancing, dancing and singing.

Developments: is now in the “big kids'” class at preschool and seems to be happy there; has been completely potty trained since 22 months (yay!); now drinks from a regular cup.

What’s next? Who knows!


Big Girl


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Eliza got moved to the “big kids'” class at school, which means she is now the youngest of the group. She seems to love it. She said this morning, “I don’t wanna go back to the babies’ class. Yuck!”

Next step is transitioning from her beloved crib to a toddler bed. Any kind of change is scary, but this one has me particularly worried. Will she get up and roam around, opening her bedroom door, whenever she doesn’t want to sleep?

I can’t believe our little girl is turning into a big girl.


Rosemary Beach


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We made a return trip to Rosemary Beach, FL this week. Eliza was just as fearless as she was a year ago, daring King Triton to send bigger and bigger waves crashing against her as she sat in the sand. She also wanted Jason to take her out into the “big part,” which he did, and she was simply mesmerized.

She also fell in love with the pool, which is where she would have stayed if we let her. She put on her floaty suit and pretty soon figured out how to paddle herself around, jumping off the steps into the deeper part. She gets her love of adrenaline from Dad, not from me!

It was also fun spending time with our friends Kevin, Leigh Anne, and their 2-year-old son, Griff. Eliza and Griff loved to chase each other barefoot in the nice grassy parks scattered all around Rosemary. They also liked sticking their feet in the fountain in the square and getting ice cream and candy from the Sugar Shack.

All in all, an awesome vacation! We hope to make it back next year and for many more years after that.