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OMG, it's December

So yeah, that little ticker on the right says less than 20 days to go. YIKES! Had third and final baby shower today, got lots of great stuff off our registries and other wonderful goodies. Lots of books, which was … Continue reading

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Why I'm freaking out

Eliza’s room is a total mess. Gifts in the floor. Nothing organized. Don’t even know what’s in there. Need to wash all her clothes and sheets. Need to finish packing my hospital bag. Have a 20-page article to write before … Continue reading

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Pregnant fun

Friday I had to do a three-hour glucose test, which involved four needles and fasting overnight. It was relatively painless, though. I’m anxious to get the results tomorrow. My other health issue is pelvic pain, which is apparently caused by … Continue reading

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Me and my Big Mouth

So, yesterday asked my doctor if it was truly okay that I only passed my glucose test by 1 point. Then, I casually mentioned that diabetes runs in my family (brother, several aunts, cousins). That made her decide that we … Continue reading

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Our little kicker

Eliza is jumping around so much tonight that you can see my belly move. A foot? An elbow? A hand? It’s hard to tell at this point. I’m not sure how she’s positioned, but it’s pretty weird to see her … Continue reading

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Feelin' good

So far, so good on the pregnancy. I’m in the third trimester now, getting bigger by the minute, but still have a decent amount of energy. I’m a mixture of excited and nervous in anticipation of Eliza’s arrival. I can’t … Continue reading

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