Not much smaller than this panda


IMG_1137, originally uploaded by griffey.

I forgot to blog about her checkup the other day.

She is enormous. 97th percentile for height (!) and 90th or a little higher for both weight and head circumference.

And while the average for her age is saying about 10 words, I lost count at 75 and I’m pretty sure she says over 100, including “sentences” like “Mommy hold it,” “Daddy do it,” “mas (more) appy sauce (apple sauce),” etc. She’s also starting to sing, and it’s recognizable enough that we can identify “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” (sounds like “tickle tickle li sa” but with the right melody), the alphabet song, and “Ashes ashes we all fall down!”

The doctor joked that she would be a genius basketball player.


  1. What a little doll! And I’m always amazed that babies learn intonation before they conquer the actual words, which it sounds like she’s doing on the songs.

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