For LibraryBox v1.5, I've put together an install script ( that should make the building of your own LibraryBox much, much easier. If all you are interested in is making a LibraryBox, you can stop reading, and go over to the Installation instructions. But if you want to see what's going on under the hood, here you go.

There are 8 files that I've customized in order to convert a PirateBox to a LibraryBox, and each of them has to be moved to the appropriate directory on the MR3020 in order for the UI customizations to work. For a LibraryBox with a chatbox, the files are:

droopy moved to /opt/piratebox/bin/
hosts moved to /opt/piratebox/conf/
index.html moved to /opt/piratebox/chat/
piratebox-logo-small.png moved to /opt/piratebox/src/
piratebox-logo.png moved to /opt/piratebox/src/
piratebox.conf moved to /opt/piratebox/conf/
READ.ME.htm moved to /opt/piratebox/src/ and renamed to .READ.ME.htm

One other file, /etc/config/wireless, has to have line 19 edited to correct the SSID. There is now a python script included in the file on github that does this editing for you, and it is also executed by the script.

If you do NOT want the Chatbox to appear, you can instead:
piratebox.nochat.conf moved to /opt/piratebox/conf/ and renamed to piratebox.conf

Seriously, if you just want a LibraryBox, run the script. It's easier, and there's much less risk of bricking your MR3020.

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