International CES 2013

The Consumer Electronics Show is the largest technology conference in the world. It's where companies come to show their upcoming gear for the year to come...and to tease reporters with future tech that's in the development pipeline.

In the past, I've done coverage of the event for the library press, writing up my thoughts for American Libaries or ALA TechSource. While I will probably write something up for print, the lead time necessary for print makes for a different audience than here on the web. So this year I'm writing, videoing, tweeting and photographing here for you: librarians and educators who care about technology. I'm also asking you to donate to this coverage if you find it valuable. Think of this as an experiment in crowdfunding.

I will be sharing text, photos, and video throughout CES2013, and will be doing a live Google Hangout in mid-January where you and your library can ask questions, join me in the Hangout, and get the best info I can give you to help you plan your next year in technology.

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CES Ice Sculpture

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