Join the Hangout

For the first hour or so, I'll be giving an overview of what I saw and found interesting at CES 2013. After that, the floor will be open for questions, either via Twitter or the Chat room below. Direct link to chat room if you want it in another window.

If you'd like to join me in the hangout and ask your question LIVE, or have a discussion about tech, I'll be adding people as they request once the presentation is over. Make sure you're signed into Google+, and tweet/chat/email me your username/email, and I'll add you to the Hangout so we can talk.

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Tweet Me

Send a tweet to @griffey with your question, and I'll get it. Or just click the button:

Live Chat

During the Hangout, you can chat directly with me via Google Chat, and if you prefer not to use Google, you can use this chat room to talk with other attendees and me.

Type a nickname into the box and then press the connect button to start chatting!

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