The code that makes up LibraryBox is customized from the Piratebox project, and is available (along with all of the code for this website) on Github. Download it, fork it, push changes to it, or just grab it to make your own LibraryBox.

LibraryBox Container

I designed a 3D printable container for LibraryBox, and here it is. You can download, print it out, or order one from one of the many online service providers for 3D printing. Or, you can fork the container itself on TinkerCad and see if you can improve the design.


LibraryBox Logos

I have a variety of LibraryBox Logos that you can choose from, at least in sizes and types. You can grab just the logo, or a full sheet of stickers sized to fit the MR3020...just print and clip along the lines.

Build Your Own LibraryBox

If you can bake a cake, you can build a LibraryBox. Follow the steps!

Build Your Own!

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